Michigan Education Trust
What are some similarities and differences between the Michigan Education Trust and Michigan Education Savings Program?
What provisions can be made if my student terminates the contract for a refund for any reason and later decides to attend a Michigan public college?
Can another 529 program be used to purchase a MET contract?
Can a MET contract be rolled over to another Section 529 Program?
How does MET pay for future tuition?
Who manages the MET fund investments?
Are MET purchases made with pre-tax or after-tax dollars?
Must a student use his or her MET contract immediately after high school graduation?
Can a MET student attend any Michigan public university or college?
What are the mandatory fees?
What if my student's major requires more than 120 credit hours?
Can credit hours be applied to Graduate School or Advanced Programs?
Will MET cover tuition for a student that moves out-of-state after a contract has been purchased but wants to attend a Michigan public college or university?
What if a student decides not to attend college?
What if my student receives a full scholarship?
What if my student receives a partial or Merit Award Scholarship?
Who can terminate a MET contract?
If I terminate my contract will I receive a lump sum refund?
What if a Purchaser dies?
What if a Purchaser divorces?
Do any other states offer a similar program?
Does the State of Michigan offer any other education savings programs?
Is there a telecommunications device for the speech/hearing impaired?