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  As the owner of a corporation, am I liable under the Michigan Employment Security (MES) Act?
  If I have no payroll in a quarter, do I still have to send in my reports?
  What is the tax rate and tax base for new employers in Michigan?
  If I have a positive balance in my reserve account, can that money be refunded to me?
  How is an employer's tax rate determined?
  When will a preprinted Employer's Quarterly Wage/Tax Report (1028) no longer be mailed?
  If I don't receive my preprinted quarterly reports in the mail, will I still be charged penalty and interest if I am late in submitting the reports?
  How do I change my address?
  What is a "seasonal" designation?
  How does UIA define "full-time" work?
  How can I get UIA tax forms?
  Why can a fired worker still collect unemployment benefits?
  Is an employer's "cafeteria plan" taxable for UI tax purposes?
  How do special payments (such as holiday and vacation pay) affect a worker's entitlement to UI benefits and are the payments taxable to the employer for UI tax purposes?
  Can a temporary or probationary employee receive unemployment benefits?
  Can a pregnant worker draw UI if she is placed on a leave of absence?
  How does UC define "independent contractor"?
  Where is the nearest UIA Office?
  Do I need a UIA tax clearance when purchasing an existing business?

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