Unemployed Worker Webcasts

UIA webcasts

The Agency is making available several webcasts for unemployed workers and employers. This area is called UI Tube, with "UI" referring to unemployment insurance. 

The webcasts are designed to inform our customers about Agency programs and services, and in some cases serve as guides or tutorials. 

You can find links and more information about these webcasts below. Please check back here occasionally for new UI Tube releases. 

Webcasts for
Unemployed Workers

2011 Changes to the MES Act 16 minutes This presentation covers recent changes to the Michigan Employment Security Act as a result of Public Act 269 of 2011. 
SOAHR - A Guide to UIA Appeals Hearings  20 minutes State Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules (SOAHR) - Do you have an unemployment hearing scheduled? View this video for information on how to properly prepare for your hearing
Resources for Displaced Workers  6.5 minutes This presentation is designed to help you learn which programs you and your family may qualify for when your unemployment benefits have been exhausted
How Benefits are Calculated  9.44 minutes This presentation explains how a worker can qualify for benefits, the worker's weekly benefit amount and the number of weeks payable
Filing a Claim for Unemployment and Finding a Job: A UIA & MWA Partnership  17.5 minutes This presentation walks you through the whole unemployment filing process, including registering for work at your local MWA (Michigan Works!) office

How Do I File For Unemployment Benefits by telephone ?

6 minutes

Fling for unemployment benefits; by telephone

 8 minutes

To certify for benefits, it is necessary that you contact MARVIN by Internet or by telephone
What Are My Payment Options?  4 minutes This presentation explains the two ways in which you can get paid your unemployment benefits; by direct deposit and debit card
Do You Have a Problem With Your Claim?  8.5 minutes This presentation covers some common problems unemployed workers may have with their claim
Claimant Frequently Asked Questions  10 minutes This presentation covers some common frequently asked questions unemployed workers may have about UI claims
School Denial Periods  6.5 minutes This presentation explains how school denial periods affect unemployment benefits

TRA (Trade Readjustment Allowance) 

8 minutes

8 minutes

8.23 minutes

This presentation highlights the services available to those workers who lost their jobs due to U.S. trade policies (job loss due to foreign imports or shifts in production)
WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit)  22 minutes This presentation is designed to help you understand the WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) Program.
Employee Misclassification  5 minutes Are you classified as an Independent Contractor? View this presentation to determine if you are classified correctly
Appeals Process - Tips for Claimants  11.5 minutes This presentation summarizes the appeal process you have available when you disagree with an Agency's decision
Advocacy Program  8.5 minutes

The Advocacy Program offers services which can help you prepare for your unemployment hearing