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Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet 164, Exclusions from Unemployment Benefits of Certain J-1 and H-2B Visa Holders, and Oil/Gas/Mineral Landmen PDF icon

Fact Sheet 163, Increase in State Minimum Hourly Wage PDF icon

Fact Sheet 161, Waivers of Unemployment Eligibility Requirements PDF icon

Fact Sheet 162, Requirement to Conduct and Report a Weekly "Systemic and Sustained" Work Search to be Eligible for Unemployment Benefits PDF icon

Fact Sheet 102-R, Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA) PDF icon

Fact Sheet 122, Extended Benefits in Michigan PDF icon

Fact Sheet 160, Claiming Unemployment Benefits in Michigan PDF icon

Fact Sheet 159, Notice of Error in Reported Wages/Taxes Frequently Asked Questions PDF icon

Fact Sheet 156, Shared - Work Plan PDF icon

Fact Sheet 158, What is a Dependent? PDF icon

Fact Sheet 155, Independent Contractor 20- Factor IRS Test PDF icon

Fact Sheet 154, Employer Electronic Payment Options PDF icon

Fact Sheet 152, Rounding Quarterly Contribution Payments to a Full Dollar Amount PDF icon

Fact Sheet 153, New Wage Detail Penalty Amounts PDF icon

Fact Sheet 140, Claiming Underemployment Benefits in Michigan PDF icon

Fact Sheet 141, Claiming Underemployment Benefits in Michigan (Excess Earnings) PDF icon

Fact Sheet 151, Understanding Reasonable Assurance PDF icon

Fact Sheet 150, What is Denial Period PDF icon

Fact Sheet 149, New Amendments to the MES Act Related to Tax and Wage Record-Related Changes PDF icon

Fact Sheet 148, Employer Tax Amnesty PDF icon

Fact Sheet 144, Refusal of Work PDF icon

Fact Sheet 145, What is Suitable Work PDF icon

Fact Sheet 147, Changes That Affect Tax Rate PDF icon

Fact Sheet 146, Bonding Obligation Assessment PDF icon

Fact Sheet 102-Y, Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA): Help for those affected by foreign competition and eligible to apply for TAA under the 2011 amendments PDF icon

Fact Sheet 143, 2012 FUTA Credit Reduction PDF icon

Fact Sheet 139, Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) Updates PDF icon

Fact Sheet 138, Successorship and the Importance of Receiving a Disclosure & Clearance of Account Prior to Acquiring an Existing Business PDF icon

Fact Sheet 76, Work registration needed for jobless benefits PDF icon

Fact Sheet 136, 2011 FUTA Tax Reduction PDF icon

Fact Sheet 133, Reminder: 2010 FUTA Tax Credit Reduction PDF icon

Fact Sheet 102-X, Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA): Help for those affected by foreign competition and with TAA petitions filed on or after May 18, 2009 PDF icon

Fact Sheet 124, Effect of Acquiring a Bankrupt Business on an Employer's Unemployment Tax Rate PDF icon

Fact Sheet 129, Unemployment Benefits When a Worker Accepts a Buyout PDF icon

Fact Sheet 128, Waiver (Suspension) of Unemployment Insurance Eligibility Requirements for Those in Approved Vocational Training PDF icon

Fact Sheet 126, Changes to Federal Unemployment Taxes PDF icon

Fact Sheet 125, How severance pay affects unemployment benefits PDF icon

Fact Sheet 123 - Solvency Tax is Temporarily Suspended PDF icon

Fact Sheet 121, Solvency Tax PDF icon

Fact Sheet 119, Electronic Payment Options PDF icon

Fact Sheet 114, SUTA Dumping PDF icon

Fact Sheet 79, The Work Opportunity and Welfare to Work Tax Credit Programs PDF icon

Fact Sheet 92, How Unemployment Benefits Are Charged To Employers PDF icon

Fact Sheet 112, Unemployment Benefit Information PDF icon

Fact Sheet 102, Trade Readjustment Allowance(s) TRA PDF icon

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