Employer Webcasts

UIA webcasts 

The Agency is making available several webcasts for unemployed workers and employers. This area is called UI Tube, with "UI" referring to unemployment insurance. 

The webcasts are designed to inform our customers about Agency programs and services, and in some cases serve as guides or tutorials. 

You can find links and more information about these webcasts below. Please check back here occasionally for new UI Tube releases. 

Webcasts for Employers 


UI Tax Information and Updates

24.22 minutes

This presentation will provide a basic overview of tax rates, quarterly reporting, and details of the most recent legislative changes affecting employers.

Registering for MiWAM (2013 Employer Seminar)

 11.31 minutes

This presentation will discuss how to register for an online account with the Agency's new Michigan Web Account Manager (MiWAM).

MiWAM - Out of State Wages (2013 Employer Seminar)

 14.29 minutes

This presentation discusses how Out of State Wages are entered and calculated in MiWAM.

Detecting and Preventing Fraud (2013 Employer Seminar)

 8.52 minutes

This presentation discusses types of UI fraud, the steps the UIA is taking to prevent and detect fraudulent activity, and the steps the employer community may take to prevent and detect fraud.

Benefits and Charges

20.57 minutes

This video discusses how unemployment benefits are paid, and how they are charged to an employer's account.

The Appeals Process

  9.28 minutes

This presentation covers how to protest a determination or appeal a redetermination with the UIA.
Disqualifications and Eligibilities

  11.32 minutes

This presentation will explain qualification and eligibility for unemployment benefits.