2015 Calculation Program

Version 16

The Legislature has made statutory changes affecting dates of injury on or after December 19, 2011. The calculation program includes a new tab to provide calculation capability to deal with Post Injury Wage Earning Capacity (PIWEC). However, other changes contained in PA 2011 266 could not be accommodated. Please note the following limitations:


Old-age SS coordination:

Calculation does not reflect the cap specified in section 418.354(1).


Interest on judgments:

The accrued benefits and interest calculation does not reflect the changes to interest calculation as specified in section 418.801(6) as amended.



The value of discontinued fringe benefits should be included in the average weekly wage in accord with section 418.371(2) and related case law. The program does not make the determination as to whether or not the value of discontinued fringe benefits should be included in a particular case. The user is to make that determination and include the amount in the average weekly wage used for the calculation of PIWEC.       

This is a single user system. Please do not attempt to install in a network environment and make accessible by more than one user, as both calculation and program errors will occur. This application is also not supported in a Windows NT or Citrix environment.

Click Calculation Program Help Manual to view the help manual which includes instructions on installing this program. It may be helpful to print these instructions before continuing. If you have a previous version of this program on your PC, it must be uninstalled first.

Once you have printed and read the install instructions, click setup.exe to download the new version to your computer. You MUST save this file to your hard drive and install it from there. The file size is 13MB, so it may take a few minutes depending upon the speed of your connection. If you wish to install this program on more than one computer, you can save the setup.exe file to any external media (e.g., flash drive, CD, etc.).

If you would like to be informed of new updates to our program, please notify us at kurikesuj@michigan.gov and we will e-mail you when a new version is available on our web page.

January 13, 2015