Workers' Compensation
What is workers' compensation?
Who is covered by the Workers' Disability Compensation Act?
Are farms and farm workers covered?
Can a partnership or small business be exempted from the Act?
What if a person is self-employed?
Are family members covered?
Are independent contractors exempt from the Workers' Disability Compensation Act?
Is there a penalty for the illegal employment of minors?
Must employers purchase workers' compensation insurance?
What is self-insurance?
Are there penalties if an employer does not obtain insurance or permission to be self-insured?
How is the price of workers' compensation insurance set?
Where can I get more information about coverage under the Act?
What reports is an employer required to file concerning workers' compensation?
Are employers required to post any information regarding workers' compensation?
When and where are workers covered?
Must the work cause the injury?
Is a worker covered when he or she is traveling?
Is everything that happens at work covered?
What about recreational and social activities?
What if the work is only one of the causes of an injury?
Are gradual injuries and occupational diseases covered?
Who is entitled to receive disability benefits?
How does a worker become eligible for weekly benefits?
How does a worker show that he or she has suffered a wage loss?
How does a worker prove his or her entitlement to benefits?
What benefits can a worker receive?
When and for how long are benefits paid?
How are wage-loss benefits calculated?
How is a person's average weekly wage determined?
Are fringe benefits included?
How do you determine 80 percent of the after-tax value of a given wage?
Are there maximums and minimums?
Must a worker pay income tax on workers' compensation benefits?
Are workers' compensation benefits affected by other benefits a worker receives?
What if a worker is employed on more than one job?
What medical benefits is a worker entitled to receive?
How is the doctor chosen?
Can a worker refuse medical treatment?
How are medical bills handled?
What rights does a worker have to vocational rehabilitation?
Must a worker take part in vocational rehabilitation?
Are vocational rehabilitation benefits offered automatically?
Is vocational rehabilitation important?
Should a worker who has not completely recovered try to return to work?
Must an employer offer a job to a worker?
Must an injured worker accept the offer of a job?
What if the job pays less?
What if the worker does not think he or she can do the job that is offered?
Does the job have to be the same as the one the worker was previously doing?
What happens if the worker returns but cannot continue?
Are workers' compensation records open to the public?
Does workers' compensation leave count against an employee's Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave entitlement?
Are workers protected if an employer or an insurance company goes bankrupt?
Can a worker sue for damages other than workers' compensation?
Can a worker sue someone other than his or her employer if the other party is at fault?
What is an "advance lump sum"?
Are workers' compensation claims usually disputed?
What happens in the ordinary case?
What other time limitations apply?
How are formal dispute procedures started?