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Know your test score before you leave the center. Michigan now offers the GED® test on computer, a brand new way to take today's test and earn your GED® credential. The GED® test on computer offers test-takers a better testing experience, featuring:

  • Instant score results
  • 24/7 registration and scheduling online
  • Finish one section, move on to the next at your own pace

The GED® test on computer is a convenient new way to test. Register today and find out where you can take the GED® test on computer in Michigan. Remember: The GED® test must be taken in person, at an official GED® testing center.

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What's New

  • GED®-To-School Program
    The Workforce Development Agency (WDA) is pleased to announce the Michigan GED®-To-School Program.  The purpose of the program is to inspire and encourage Michigan residents who are pursuing the GED® to transition to Michigan community colleges or universities for academic and career focused coursework and programs. Based on available funding, the GED®-To-School Program covers the cost of one attempt in the four different GED® test content areas for Michigan residents who meet eligibility requirements established by the WDA GED® office.  Approximately $475,000 in funding will be available after May 16, 2016 to directly cover content area testing fees. Use of GED®-To-School vouchers is dependent on the availability of funding provided by Michigan's 2015 P.A. 143.
  • "Tuesdays for Teachers" Webinar Series
    “Tuesdays for Teachers,” is a free professional development webinar series for educators. Presented by Bonnie Goonen and Susan Pittman, this webinar series will take a deeper dive into classroom strategies and techniques for the GED® test’s four test subjects. Sessions are designed for educators who have already completed foundational-level training, either by attending in-person training or by using self-guided professional development resources

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