Schuette Charges West Bloomfield Doctor with Possession of Stolen Prescription Drugs

LANSING ­– Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette today charged West Bloomfield doctor Michael Arthur Roth, 74, with possession with intent to deliver schedule 2 narcotic Fentanyl, and 6 counts of identity theft in the 48th District Court. In the 38th District Court in Eastpointe, Roth also faces 3 counts of Larceny in a Building. The charges follow a September 2015 car accident where the drugs, as well as post-conception material, were discovered in Roth’s vehicle.

Roth has also formally been charged with violating the Michigan public health code, and faces potentially suspension of his medical license if convicted of the criminal charges.

“Dr. Roth’s actions jeopardized the safety of Michigan’s healthcare system,” said Schuette. “His attempt to break the law at the expense of his patient’s safety is not only illegal, but goes against the code he took upon becoming a doctor.”

“We appreciate the Department of Attorney General partnering with us on this important investigation that is finally coming to a conclusion,” said West Bloomfield Deputy Police Chief Curt Lawson.

Schuette acknowledge the support and cooperation of the West Bloomfield Police Department in this investigation which began in September of 2015.

Roth was arraigned in 48th District Court in Oakland County in front of Magistrate Howard Linden, assigned a $10,000 personal recognizance bond, and will appear next for a pre-exam conference in front of Judge Marc Barron on July 7. Roth was also arraigned in the 38th District Court in Eastpointe in front of Judge Carl Gerds III. He was assigned a $10,000 personal recognizance bond and will next appear in court on July 12 at 1 p.m. for a pre-exam conference.

Case Background

An investigation into Michael Roth began after a September 2015 car accident in West Bloomfield. After the West accident, his car was impounded and Mr. Roth requested property from his car. Upon retrieving the property, local police found evidence of six prescriptions for Ciprofloxacin, a common antibiotic used with abortion procedures, which was allegedly written by Dr. Angel Ojeda, a doctor who runs the Eastland Women’s Center in Eastpointe, Michigan. The clinic’s primary focus is terminating pregnancies. Officers also found vials of Fentanyl, a drug commonly used as a sedative during termination procedures, as well as containers of post-conception material.

Medical records indicate that Roth sometimes worked out of Dr. Ojeda’s clinic. Dr. Ojeda and the women whose names were listed on the prescriptions alleged they had no knowledge of the prescriptions. Dr. Ojeda also stated that a large amount of Fentanyl was stolen from his office in December 2014. When interviewed, Ojeda stated he had never given Roth permission to have Fentanyl or Ciprofloxacin from his clinic, a statement which was corroborated by a clinic employee. A separate medical assistant employed at the Eastland Women’s Center allegedly admitted to stealing medical equipment and medications used in abortions from the clinic for Roth and that he was fully aware the materials were stolen.

A search warrant was completed on Roth’s home and office. Additional vials of Fentanyl were found at the home. Both the Fentanyl found in the car and in the house were matched to the Fentanyl that was allegedly stolen from the women’s clinic. The search warrant also revealed a large amount of cash with names and what is believed to be pregnancy information attached to each bundle of cash, medical materials such as syringes, disposable scalpels and empty containers similar to the ones filled with post-conception material found in Roth’s car.

Over the course of the investigation, Department of Attorney General Investigators also spoke with a woman who alleged that in the late 1990’s Dr. Roth performed an abortion on two separate occasions in her residence.

A criminal charge is merely an accusation, all defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Mug shot of Michael A. Roth