Seniors and Health Care Fraud

Seniors and Health Care Fraud

  • As part of the Michigan Department of Attorney General's commitment to protecting seniors across the state, the Health Care Fraud Division is in place to hold health care providers accountable.

    The Health Care Fraud Division also works in tandem with the Financial Crimes Division -- which houses the Elder Abuse Task Force -- on a number of legal actions.  

    The office also maintains a joint enforcement initiative with the Social Security Administration to protect residents of nursing homes from financial exploitation.

Health Care Fraud Division

  • The Health Care Fraud Division (HFCD) exists to identify, prosecute, and prevent fraudulent activity by doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and other health care providers participating in the Medicaid program. Allegations of misappropriation of patient trust funds and identity theft in resident care facilities are also investigated. Taxpayer dollars provide health care to indigent patients and other recipients. It is vital that these dollars be effectively spent to help those in need. Fraud affects everyone - the recipients of care, the taxpayers who pay for it, and the overwhelming majority of providers who conscientiously provide quality care.

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