• unemployment line of shadows of people lined up against a red brick wall

  • Unemployment Insurance provides temporary income replacement to workers who become unemployed through no fault of their own. The benefits are paid from the Unemployment Trust Fund which is administered in Michigan by the Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) of the Department of Talent & Economic Development. The Unemployment Trust Fund is derived from state unemployment taxes or reimbursements paid by employers. Workers do not pay anything into the Unemployment Trust Fund.

    Benefits are paid to workers who have had sufficient qualifying wages as required by the Michigan Employment Security Act. There are other reasons for disqualification, including workers who quit their jobs or are fired for misconduct. While drawing benefits, workers are required to be making every effort to find full-time, suitable work. Workers whose wages are reduced may be regarded as "underemployed" and entitled to some unemployment benefits, even though continuing to work at reduced wages.

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