April of 2023 moving forward

  • An automated system for expunging convictions without the necessity of filing an application will be established.

    Up to 2 felony convictions will automatically be expunged the later of 10 years after sentencing or the person's release from custody. 

    Up to 4 misdemeanors will automatically be expunged 7 years after sentencing.

    The following convictions are not going to be eligible for automatic expungement: 

    • convictions for "assaultive crimes
    • convictions for "serious misdemeanors
    • convictions for offenses punishable by 10 or more years imprisonment
    • convictions that involve a minor, a vulnerable adult, injury or serious impairment of a person, death of a person
    • convictions that involve human trafficking
    • any conviction that cannot be expunged under new MCL 780.621c.

    Processes for identification and expungement of convictions eligible for automatic expungement are being developed by multiple state agencies.

    MCL 780.621g