About the Human Trafficking Commission

  • Human trafficking has been important to Attorney General Schuette since taking office. At the national level, he immediately took a leadership role with the National Association of Attorneys General's Pillars of Hope initiative. He formed the first Human Trafficking prosecution unit within the Department of Attorney General. In 2013, Attorney General Schuette collaborated with the Legislature to form the first Michigan Human Trafficking Commission. The Commission working with a victim-centered, trauma-informed approach emphasized that the men, women, and children who are trafficked are victims-not criminals. The 2013 Commission had two goals: assess the threat human trafficking poses to Michigan residents and develop policy recommendations to promote its exposure and prevention. The Commision's work resulted in a comprehensive legislative package that was passed in 2014, and took effect in early 2015.

    Thereafter, a standing Human Trafficking Commission was created within the Department of Attorney General. Commission members are appointed by the Governor to represent various groups and public officials.

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