People v. Mitchell

In 2011, the Attorney General's Office arrested Sedrick Leman-Isaac Mitchell, 32, of Detroit, for allegedly engaging in human trafficking and other crimes related to the enslavement of two young girls who were forced to engage in prostitution in Detroit.  The charges resulted from an investigation by Michigan State Police and the FBI through the Southeast Michigan Crimes Against Children Task Force (SEMCAC).

Mitchell, also known as "Gruesome" and "Roc," was accused of enslaving two girls and forcing them to engage in prostitution on the streets of Detroit.  The victims include 14-year-old and 15-year-old girls. Mitchell allegedly held captive one 14-year-old girl and one 15-year-old girl in a house on Detroit's east side for approximately two months.  The victims were forced to engage in prostitution and, faced physical assaults and sexual assaults. 

Mitchell was convicted by a Wayne County jury on eight criminal counts on March 23, 2012.  He was sentenced on April 11, 2012 to 35-60 years.