People v. Niblett, et. al.

In July of 2017, in a joint prosecution with the new drug unit, the office charged Melvin Niblett, Corey Cooper, Maurice Rushton, and Jasmin McGinnis with running a drug and sex trafficking operation. 

Between September and October of 2016, law enforcement in Warren, Madison Heights and Southfield were aware that Niblett and his crew were running a drug and prostitution operation in Oakland and Macomb counties. 

While dozens of individuals were involved, Niblett is alleged to have been at the top of the operation. Niblett and two others were charged with human trafficking. They each pled guilty and in December of 2017 they were sentenced to prison: Niblett for 6.5-20 years; Rushton for 1.5-10 years; and McGinnis for 2.5-20 years.