People v. Joseph McGough and Robert Standfield

In late 2017, two St. Clair county men were charged with sex trafficking a 17-year old minor. An investigation into the actions of McGough and Standfield was initiated by the Warren Police Department after their alleged victim came forward in September 2017 while undergoing medical treatment. The 17-year old alleged that McGough was trafficking her out of hotels in Macomb and Oakland County between April and September 2017. The victim alleged that she and her friend were recruited and encouraged to engage in commercial sex by Joseph McGough and his friend Robert Stanfield. McGough then took the victim from her hometown in St. Clair county to the metro Detroit area where they stayed in hotels and he had her engage in commercial sex. McGough took all earnings his victim made from performing commercial sex. His victim alleged she had to go on multiple “dates” a day. During a several week absence by McGough, he had his friend Standfield assume control of the operation. 

McGough pled guilty in late 2018 and was sentenced to 4-15 years prison. Standfield pled guilty and was sentenced to 1-15 years jail.