People v. Streety

In the fall of 2017, a 19-year-old victim reported that after she had arrived in Detroit on a Greyhound bus from Georgia, she was forced for the next week to engage in commercial sex for Streety. The victim was approached by Streety’s “girlfriend” upon arrival at the Detroit bus station, who offered the victim a ride. When she entered the vehicle, she met Streety who was driving the vehicle. The two convinced the girl to attend a private afterhours party to make some money by dancing. The victim was drugged and, after Streety took her phone with all her contact information, she had no real means of escape. Streety took her to hotels in the Metro Detroit area where she was forced to engage in commercial sex. He posted advertisements and kept all the proceeds. 

Streety pled guilty to trafficking charges and was sentenced to 3-15 years in February 2019.