Schuette Charges Soon-To-Be Released Michigan Prisoner with Extortion, Witness Intimidation and Retaliation

Contact: Andrea Bitely, Megan Hawthorne; (517) 373-8060

July 18, 2017

LANSING – Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has today charged Kevin Beverly, 44, an incarcerated Michigan prisoner, with seven felonies related to alleged threats to his former wife, Nicole Beverly, and their two children.

“Living in fear is no way to live, and I won’t stand by and let a victim continue to fear for her life and the lives of her children when I believe there is evidence of another crime having been committed,” said Schuette. “Continued and targeted intimidation and retaliation is something that no one should have to experience.”

The charges relate to a series of death threats made against Nicole Beverly. Evidence indicates that the threats were made in order to influence or control her testimony at a child support hearing, in retaliation for reporting his criminal activity and in retaliation for her victim impact statements delivered at a sentencing proceeding. Evidence indicates that threats against Nicole were made both directly to her, and to inmates housed at the same correctional facility.

The charges are as follows:

Jackson County:

  1. Witness Retaliation, 4 counts, felony, 10 years

Beverly will be charged as a habitual offender, 2nd, increasing the maximum penalty to 15 years.


Washtenaw County:

  1. Witness Intimidation, felony, 15 years

  2. Extortion, felony, 20 years


Wayne County:

  1. Retaliation for a Reporting a Crime, felony, 10 years

Kevin Beverly will be arraigned at all locations with the assistance of the Michigan Department of Corrections.


Case Background

In October of 2012, Kevin Beverly allegedly contacted his former wife Nicole Beverly on numerous occasions at her home in Washtenaw County, allegedly instructing her as to how she should testify at their upcoming child support proceeding and is alleged to have made threats that she would be harmed if she did not follow his instructions. He is believed to have continued to harass Nicole Beverly at her employer in Wayne County after she reported his conduct, including threatening to kill her for filing a police report.

During Kevin Beverly’s April 16, 2013 sentencing hearing for aggravated stalking, Nicole Beverly made a victim impact statement. During Kevin Beverly’s subsequent incarceration, he is alleged to have openly and frequently made statements to other inmates that he blamed Nicole Beverly for his incarceration, and that he intended to kill her in retaliation for him being sent to prison.

Kevin Beverly’s alleged statements include: “I’m going to get out and kill that ----- because she put me in here and I’m going to kill the kids in front of her and I’m going to kill her.” 

A criminal charge is merely an accusation and the defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.