Forsyth Releases Status Update on MSU Investigation

Contact: Andrea Bitely, Megan Hawthorne; 517-373-8060

December 21, 2018

LANSING – Independent Special Counsel Bill Forsyth today released a status update on the Department’s investigation into Michigan State University.

The status update reveals the investigative team’s initial findings into what went wrong at Michigan State University.

While Forsyth’s contract concludes on December 31, 2018, there are documents being reviewed by Judge Richard Ball and pending litigation for cases resulting from this investigation. This status update does not close the investigation but is a move to the prosecution phase. The prosecutions are being conducted by Assistant Attorneys General not Forsyth.

While not final, the status update offers a look at what went wrong at MSU with the findings being what happened at MSU was a failure of people, not policy. The status update and the investigations scope was limited to what was done or not done at MSU specifically related to Larry Nassar.

The investigative team which included lawyers and investigators from the Department of Attorney General as well as officers from the Michigan State Police contacted almost 550 individuals, including over 280 survivors of Nassar for the investigation. In addition, they interviewed 105 people who were named in interviews with survivors including any secretarial staff, trainers, staff from the College of Osteopathic Medicine, the entire Board of Trustees as well as past and current provosts at Michigan state University.

The full report can be found on the Department of Attorney General website.