AG Nessel Warns Michiganders of Tactics Used by Identity Thieves

Contact: Lynsey Mukomel 517-599-2746
Agency: Attorney General

May 21, 2021

LANSING - Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is sharing ways identity thieves will try to trick people into giving out their personal information.  

Her latest Consumer Protection video is part of Nessel's informative and humorous series focused on educating Michiganders

Always remember:

  • never give out personal information over the phone or online unless you're certain you can trust where it's going;  
  • thieves may use social media profiles to gather information before contacting you to appear to be someone you already know;  
  • don't post photos of credit cards, checks or other personal information online that could be used to steal your identity; and 
  • if your identity is stolen, it's important to act quickly.  

Michigan Identity Theft Support (MITS) was launched by Attorney General Nessel in April as part of a continued commitment to support and protect Michigan consumers. MITS staff is dedicated to helping victims navigate the challenges of identity theft. The signs of identity theft, the various types of identity theft, and the steps to combat it are among the resources available to Michiganders on the MITS website.  

For people who have reviewed the MITS resources and are still unsure of what to do and need to speak with someone, they can request a phone consultation online via this form.   

"Identity thieves have some sophisticated ways to get your private information," Nessel said. "It's important Michigan consumers remain vigilant and spot these tricks to prevent falling victim to identity theft." 

Earlier this month, Nessel reminded people to verify a license before hiring for home projects

The videos are posted periodically on the Department's FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts.  

Additional resources are always available by visiting the Attorney General's Consumer Protection webpage.