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Initial Registration

If registering for the first time, submit the CTS - 01 Initial Solicitation Form and all requested attachments:

  • Out-of-state corporations must submit copies of their articles of incorporation and all amendments and bylaws; copies must show that they were filed with the appropriate state agency. Michigan corporations must submit bylaws, if any;
  • Unincorporated entities should submit constitutions, bylaws, or other organizing documents;
  • Organizations with tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) should provide a copy of the IRS determination letter;  (For more on obtaining tax exempt status, see the IRS website.)
  • Organizations that have had any financial activity should provide a recent financial accounting.

Alternatively, organizations that solicit in more than one state may file the Unified Registration Statement (URS) that is accepted by many states. When filing the URS, ensure appropriate responses to state-specific requirements, such as Michigan's resident agent requirement.