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Summary Of Exceptions To The Solicitation Registration Requirement

Organizations that are exempt from the charitable solicitation registration requirement are:

  • organizations that receive less than $25,000 in a 12-month period and pay no individuals (even employees) for fundraising services of any kind
  • solicitations that are exclusively for the benefit of a named individual, so long as the individual is specified in the solicitation and no one is compensated for fundraising services
  • churches and religious organizations
  • governmental entities
  • Michigan educational institutions
  • veterans organizations that are chartered by the U. S. Congress
  • licensed Michigan hospitals and their foundations and auxiliaries
  • private foundations that receive contributions only from the members, directors, incorporators, or members of the families of those individuals
  • organizations that are licensed by the Michigan Department of Human Services to serve children and families, such as day care facilities
  • organizations whose sole source of funding is another charitable organization that is registered to solicit so long as its registration is current

This abbreviated description of exceptions is for reference only. For more details regarding these exemptions, see the Charitable Organizations and Solicitations Act