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Where do I go to learn more information about how to cancel a contract?

In general, unless a merchant gives the right to cancel in a contract, you do not have a right to cancel.  There are some limited exceptions.  For example, in the case of defective, damaged, or undelivered goods, you may be able to demand your money back.  Additionally, merchants who choose to offer you a "money-back guarantee" must live up to their promise. 

In general, there are three categories of special circumstances under which Michigan law gives you the right to a "cooling-off period," during which time you may cancel the contract. The three special categories are:

1)   Sales that are solicited in your home, which are covered by Michigan's Home Solicitation Sales Act (three business day right to cancel).
2)   Sales where a gift was offered for attending a sales presentation, which are governed by Michigan's Gift Promotion Act (three business day right to cancel).
3)   Sales for home improvement and you agree to make payments over time to the contractor, which are governed by Michigan's Home Improvement Finance Act (one business day right to cancel). 

For more information on whether you can cancel a contract, please see the Attorney General’s Consumer Alert entitled “I Changed My Mind…Can I Cancel This Contract?