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Protection Against Repossessions

The SCRA, 50 USC App 3952, gives you certain protections against repossessions for installment contracts, including automobile leases. If your contract was entered into before going on active duty and at least one payment was made before that time, your creditor cannot repossess your property, while you are on active duty, nor can they terminate the contract for breach, without a court order. 

Your creditor must have a court order to sell, foreclose, or repossess the property. This applies to any action filed during active duty or within nine months after active duty.

Further, Michigan law, MCL 32.517, provides that forfeiture of an executory contract shall not be enforced against you, and seizure or sale of chattels shall not be made against you, during military service nor for 90 days after the termination of the service. This applies if you are on active service in excess of 7 days and when so ordered by the Governor in support of civilian authority or in time of war or emergencies of this state or of the United States. 

Additionally, under Michigan law, MCL 570.521, et seq., if you rent a storage unit and notify the owner of that unit that you are deploying overseas on active duty for 180 days or more, the owner of your storage unit cannot sell or otherwise depose of your stored property until 90 days after the end of your overseas service.