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Right to Terminate Property Leases

The SCRA allows you to break a lease when you go on active duty, if the lease was entered into before going on active duty. You may also terminate a lease entered into during military service if you receive orders for a permanent change of station or deployment for 90 days or more in support of a military operation. This protection covers leases of premises occupied, or intended to be occupied, by you or your dependents for a residential, professional, business, agricultural, or similar purpose.

In order to break your lease under the SCRA, you must make the request to your landlord in writing and include a copy of your orders. If you have a month-to-month lease, the earliest termination date is 30 days after the first date that the next payment is due. For example, if you give your notice to terminate on August 15, and the next rent payment is due on September 1, the termination is effective on September 31. For all other types of leases, the earliest termination date is the last day of the month. 

If you and your spouse or other dependent have a joint lease, the landlord cannot hold your spouse/dependent to the lease when you terminate it. 50 USC App 3955.