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20 Days of Scams

20 Days of Scams

20 Days of Scams

This holiday season, the Michigan Department of Attorney General has compiled resources for all Michiganders as they prepare to shop in-store, online, or donate to a charity. These resources include a series of consumer alerts – the 20 Days of Scams Calendar – with tips to safeguard your physical and virtual wallet. Our proactive holiday consumer campaign begins on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, and continues through Thursday, December 22, 2022. 

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This holiday season, consumers are encouraged to contact the Consumer Protection team to file a complaint online

Please have a safe holiday season!

File a Complaint Video

File a Complaint

Each year, our Consumer Protection team helps Michigan consumers by helping to mediate complaints that fall within our jurisdiction.

You can file a complaint online, by fax, or U.S. mail.

To learn more about our consumer complaint process, visit Consumer Protection online or call 517-335-7632.

View the AG Holiday Scams YouTube Playlist

2022 Recall Roundup: Toy Edition

As part of our holiday consumer campaign to ensure all Michiganders protect their wallets and their children this season, our Consumer Protection team put together this 2022 Recall Roundup.

Since toys should be fun, educational, and safe, this toy guide is a great tool to review before shopping for children this season and beyond. Not only can you determine what has been recalled, but the guide also provides the steps you can take to ensure the product is repaired, replaced, or refunded. A complete list of recalled products can be found on the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website.

View the Recall Roundup: Toy Edition
Black Friday and holiday shopping

Black Friday

Holiday shopping is a time when people use credit cards to make gift purchases. Whether you are shopping IRL (in real life) or online, you may choose to pay with a credit card. 

Learn how to keep your credit card accounts safe from those who would like to get their hands on your information and your money.

Day 19 Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

More shopping will be done online this holiday season than ever before, and not just on Cyber Monday. 

Be smart and shop safely at all times by reading the Consumer Alert Online Shopping – Be Smart, Stay Safe to protect your personal information and your money. 

AG Nessel Shares Best Practices for Online Shopping this Holiday Season
Day 18 Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Before making a charitable donation this season, we want to ensure you’re aware of the facts first.

To help residents give wisely, review It’s the Season for Wise Charitable Giving for a few helpful tips. 

Charitable Giving
Day 17 Package Protection Day

National Package Protection Day

Worried about Porch Pirates?

  • Ship to an Amazon Locker or Fed Ex Office.
  • Sign up for USPS Informed Delivery or tracking alert.
  • Arrange delivery to your job.
  • Keep your porch well lit.
  • Leave lights, television, or music on at home when absent.

Learn how to prevent identity theft while protecting your mail and your packages.

Day 16 Price Fixing

Price Fixing

It is frequently difficult to determine when retail prices are set based upon a manufacturer's pricing policies and when retail prices are set based upon an illegal agreement.

Basic rule of thumb about “price fixing”:  If the manufacturer sets a suggested retail price and the retailer adheres to that price, then it is probably not considered price fixing under the law. If retailers agree among themselves that a certain price will be charged, the agreement will likely be considered illegal.

Day 15 Scanner Law

Scanner Law

Did you know: if a scanner charges you more than a displayed price, you may be entitled to a refund and a bonus? 

Download our Scanner Law reminder card so you never forget your “Scanner Error Bill of Rights.”

Day 14 Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping

Would you willingly pay someone $20, $30 or even $50 more than a product costs just for them to order it for you online? That’s essentially what drop shipping is.

Visit our website to learn how to avoid wasting your money while shopping online this season. 

Drop Shipping
Day 13 Did I Charge That

Credit Card - Did I Charge That?

Did you find a questionable charge on your credit card statement? Did you receive notification of an unfamiliar transaction? Complaints involving suspicious credit card charges are on the rise. 

Learn how to avoid unauthorized charges and how to address these concerns if they arise by viewing the Attorney General Consumer Alert Credit Cards - Did I Charge That? 

Day 12 Using Debit or Credit Cards

Using Debit and Credit Cards

Michigan retailers may charge you a surcharge for using your credit card, but not for using your debit or a pre-paid card. How much they may charge depends on their agreement with their credit card processor.

Review our surcharges alert to ensure charges don't come as a surprise

Day 11 - Credit vs Debit Card

Credit Card v Debit Card

Many experts suggest using credit cards for online purchases. While the risk of fraud is always looming, credit cards come with protections that debit cards do not.

Visit our Credit Card v Debit Card - Know the Difference consumer alert to see the method of charging merchandise.

Day 10 Animal Rights Day

Animal Rights Day

Did you know Michigan is one of the top 20 states for complaints about pet store puppies?

Before surprising your loved ones with a puppy this holiday, review our puppy scam consumer alert for tips to avoid becoming a victim.

AG Nessel: Don't Fall for Puppy Scams