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Schuette and Forsyth Statements on MSU Settlement in Principle with Nassar Survivors

May 16, 2018

LANSING – Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and Special Counsel Bill Forsyth today released the following statements regarding the settlement in principle between Michigan State University and the survivors of Larry Nassar: 

Attorney General Bill Schuette: 

"I am pleased for the survivors of Larry Nassar's mistreatment that this settlement is occurring. This is about justice for the survivors; each of the women who came forward deserve justice. Those who spoke at the many days of sentencing remain in my thoughts every day, and their strength is an inspiration to us all." 

Special Counsel Bill Forsyth: 

"It is very important to see resolution on the civil side, and I hope this provides some sense of relief and closure for the survivors. That being said, my investigation is still open and ongoing."