• Family and Friends

    You want your aging family members and friends to stay safely mobile whether they are driving, thinking about giving up the keys, or using other forms of transportation. This website offers tips and resources to help the families and friends of aging adults keep them driving safely, assist them in retiring from driving, and locate other sources of transportation to help maintain mobility.


Family and Friends

  • CarFit Event Keeping Aging Drivers Driving Safely

    Families and friends of aging drivers will find the information and resources to help keep their loved ones safe on the road. Topics such as driving self-assessments for aging drivers, health concerns, and the process for confidentially referring a driver for a driver reexamination are discussed here.

  • Assisting Aging Drivers During and After Their Decision to Retire from Driving

    Grandson driving GrandmotherTalking to a loved one about giving up the car keys is difficult. This section provides families and friends of aging drivers with resources for initiating the conversation and following through to find answers to help maintain the aging driver's mobility and independence.

  • Talking to elderly passenger Assisting Aging Drivers to Get Around After Driving Retirement

    This section features lists of agencies that provide public transportation options. It also lists organizations that can help aging drivers identify ways to keep themselves mobile and independent for as long as possible.

  • CARFIT Event Organizations Related to Aging Drivers

    This section provides a list of state, federal, private sector and nonprofit organizations that address the questions, challenges and concerns confronting aging drivers and their families.