Autism Council Committees

Committee Membership:

woman holding girl

An individual may be invited to participate as a member of a committee or ad hoc committee at any time throughout the year based upon specific needs identified by that committee. The Chairperson of the committee may disseminate a need for participants with a specific skill or representation on the committee. The Michigan Autism Program website ( may be utilized to reach interested constituents. Selection to the committee will be based upon individuals who possess knowledge, experience, and expertise relating to an issue to be addressed by the committee. Selection will include a broad representation of perspectives from diverse backgrounds. Participants may include: persons with ASD, family members of persons with ASD, medical, agency, educational, business partners, or other relevant stakeholders.

Stakeholder input will be solicited annually by the Autism Council to obtain feedback from citizens of the State of Michigan. The Autism Council Annual Report will be used as a framework for the input with the information used by the Council in consideration of goals and priorities. A summary of the input will be provided to the Autism Council. This data will be part of the Autism Council's annual review process of the Autism Spectrum Disorders State Plan.



  • Early Childhood
  • Child and Youth
  • Adult