Office Responsibilities


Office of Financial Management (OFM) promotes sound financial management and business practices, and provides outstanding service to its diverse groups of customers.

Accounting Financial Reporting Division (AFRD)

  • AFRD's primary responsibilities are: 1) Publication of the State of Michigan Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (SOMCAFR) and other financial or special purpose reports, 2) Operation of the State's financial management system, Michigan Administrative Information Network (MAIN), 3) Providing assistance and financial management services to the State's individual departments and agencies, and 4) Reviewing and approving key financial management practices throughout State government in compliance with State law and administrative requirements.

Payroll & Tax Reporting Division (PTRD)

  • PTRD is responsible for operation of the statewide payroll and expense reimbursement systems, payroll tax reporting, W-2 reporting, backup withholding and 1099 reporting.  In carrying out these responsibilities, PTRD takes a leadership role in defining statewide policies regarding payroll & tax reporting.  Agency payroll liaisons in PTRD provide agencies with assistance related to payroll processing, payroll tax reporting, and payroll accounting matters.

Support Services Division (SSD)

  • SSD's primary responsibilities are: 1) Providing customer assistance with the use of select enterprise-wide financial management systems, via the OFM Help Desk, 2) Operation and maintenance of the State Vendor/Payee File and its corresponding website 3) Hosting and delivering training covering a variety of computer applications and other subject matter, 4) Establishing and maintaining OFM's website, and 5) Developing, implementing, and monitoring policies regarding security management for the State's primary financial management systems.