Public Protection & Resources, General Government, & Statewide Budget Development

  • The Office of Public Protection & Resources is responsible for developing the Executive Budget for criminal justice components of the state budget including the departments of Corrections, Military and Veterans' Affairs, State Police, and the Judiciary. The office also analyzes state programs concerning environmental and resource management, and food safety issues in preparing executive budget recommendations for the Department of Environmental Quality, the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

    The General Government Section is responsible for budgetary analysis of general government operations including the Attorney General's Office; the Executive Office; the Legislature and Legislative Auditor General; and the departments of Civil Rights; State; Technology, Management and Budget (including the Civil Service Commission); and Treasury (including Gaming, Lottery, the Michigan State Housing Development Authority [MSHDA] and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation [MEDC)].

    Statewide budget development activities include maintenance of enterprise-wide information and preparation and dissemination of the Executive Budget, including administration of information systems required to support the budget's development. These activities include preparing transfer and supplemental appropriation requests for submission to the Legislature and monitoring their progress through the review and approval process.