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    SIGMA VSS provides one stop for vendors to maintain their information, such as addresses, bank accounts, contracts awarded, and payment information. SIGMA VSS improves online security and protection of personal information.  SIGMA VSS allows companies to have multiple users with different roles to review or update information, respond to business opportunities, see all payments made by the State (by check or direct deposit), and receive electronic communications. Vendors can easily see and maintain their information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, outside of standard maintenance, in SIGMA VSS through a secure connection. Vendors do not need to be registered to see business and grant opportunities. Vendors must be registered to respond to business or grant opportunities. Companies should ensure that users have been assigned the proper roles to see payment information, or respond to bids and grants.

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Vendor Instructions

Established Vendors


Vendors who had been registered in Contract & Payment Express (C&PE)  were converted to SIGMA VSS. All active addresses, banking, and information are in SIGMA VSS. Vendor information from Buy4Michigan was not converted.

Things you need to know:

  • You should claim your account and validate your information.  Step by step instructions are provided on the VSS login page
  • You can establish additional users to maintain information, track payments and respond to bids and grants
  •  You can establish notification preferences for grant and procurement commodities
  • New payments and related payment information are available in SIGMA VSS
  • C&PE no longer available for update
Buy 4 Michigan

Vendor data from Buy4Michigan was not converted into SIGMA VSS.   If you have been active in Buy4Michigan, please establish a new account or claim an existing account in SIGMA VSS

Things you need to know:

  • Active vendors/grantees that have been receiving payments from the State were converted to SIGMA VSS
  • Account status and additional information are available at the SIGMA VSS website
  • Online training information is available on the VSS login page
  • Click here to view the VSS Business Opportunities video




New Vendors

New vendors need to register in SIGMA VSS.  There is a step by step manual on the VSS login page.  You will need to be registered if:

  • You are doing business with the State
  • You want to respond to a posted business opportunity
  • You want to bid on a grant opportunity
  • Register a new account by choosing the Go to SIGMA VSS button above

  • Training materials and Q&A material are available on the VSS login webpage.

    These tutorials provide step by step instructions to:

    • Assist existing converted vendors to claim their account
    • Assist new vendors with creating an account

    Assist vendors with responding to solicitation and grant opportunities, a Vendor Support Call Center is available to assist by calling (888) 734-9749 or emailing