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Public Safety and Veterans

  • The State of Michigan takes public safety and support of our veterans very seriously. The state maintains a dedicated police force, operates 30 corrections facilities, has an active National Guard, and provides a variety of veteran services.

    The Michigan Department of State Police, Department of Corrections, and the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs are instrumental in keeping Michiganders safe. Together they take on ever-evolving sophisticated crimes, house and monitor the states prisoners and probationers, and stand ready to serve Michigan communities during times of need.

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  • Prison Population Graph

Prison Costs in Michigan

  • The state's prison population has steadily declined over the last decade, allowing the Corrections budget to be held flat at about $2 billion, despite growing retirement legacy costs for corrections officers. The graph depicted here shows prison population from the year 2000 through 2019, along with funding in billions. In fiscal year 2019 there was $2.02 billion appropriated for Corrections and 38,429 prisoners incarcerated. 

    Please click here to view prison population and appropriation graph data in excel form.