What do the values in Box 14 labelled SL511, SL200 & CEFLW represent?

As part of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) passed by the Federal government, State government employers were required to provide 80 hours of emergency paid sick leave and 10 weeks of extended family medical leave to qualifying employees.  Employees who used these leave types were required to enter specific event types on their timesheet.  IRS Notice 2020-54 requires employers to report the wages associated to these leave types in box 14.   The following provides a crosswalk of what pay codes would be included in box 14 on the W-2.  For more information on these compensation types please see MCSC Regulation 5.10 – Sick Leave:

SL511 – COV1, COV2 & COV3
SL200 – CVD1, CVD2 & CVD3