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Economic Development and Infrastructure

  • Economic Development and Infrastructure

    The people of Michigan deserve sound infrastructure and economic opportunity. When we invest in better roads, bridges, and environmental infrastructure we are putting hard-working Michiganders back on the job and leaving a better state for the next generation.

    The state of Michigan is dedicated to making the right strategic investments in economic development and infrastructure. From initiatives such as job training to more dollars for crumbling roads, the state budget shows a commitment to improving Michigan for every citizen. 

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Road Funding

  • The graph presented here shows the Fixing Michigan Roads Plan. The 10-year plan would see 90% of roads in good/fair condition by 2029. Currently, only 78 percent of roads are considered in good/fair condition and with the current funding system they are expected to deteriorate rapidly. When fully implemented, the plan will raise $2.5 billion in new annual revenue which will fund our roads for decades to come.

    To learn more about the fiscal year 2020 Executive Budget Recommendation for the Fixing Michigan Roads Plan, visit the Roads Investment section of this page.