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Health and Human Services

  • Health and Human Services

    As of 2019, Michigan has an estimated population of 10 million residents. Included in this population are individuals confronting illness, families living below the poverty line, and vulnerable children and older adults. To support them, the state funds a number of services that promote a healthy, safe, and stable environment and to help Michigan residents to be self-sufficient. These include critical programs such as Medicaid, population health, child welfare, and public assistance.

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Health and Human Services

  • The Governor’s recommended budget for fiscal year 2020 includes total funding of $26.2 billion, of which $4.8 billion comes from the state’s general fund. The pie chart located here shows the percentage of the health and human services budget which is dedicated to specific program areas. Medicaid and behavioral health services total $19.6 billion which represents 75% of the entire health and human services budget.  Public assistance and children’s services total $3.7 billion which equates to 15% of the budget. The remaining 10% of the budget (approximately $2.9 billion) is comprised of public health, adult and community support services, and administration.