Food and Dairy Safety

Picture of corn

The Food and Dairy Division of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development protects public health by ensuring a safe and wholesome food supply, while working to maintain a viable food and dairy industry. Michigan has historically been at the forefront in progressively assuring safer foods. It was Michigan's Food and Dairy Commissioner who, in 1896, called for a meeting in Detroit which brought together many states to insure the interstate shipment of safer foods.

Today, several programs are run within the Food and Dairy Division to support their mission. These programs include the Food Safety and Inspection Program, Milk and Dairy Product Safety and Inspection Program, Foodborne Illness Outbreaks and Food Recalls, and the Solving Foodborne Illness: Food SAFE Team.

The fiscal year 2020 Executive Budget Recommendation invests $22.3 million to support foodborne illness response, food service establishment licensing, and dairy farm inspections. 

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