Renewing Michigan's Environment Initiative


The health of our environment is a top concern for residents of the state. Unfortunately, over the years, hundreds of contaminated sites have popped up across the state including some with harmful chemicals known as PFAS. The state has also sank to the bottom in recycling rates in the nation and struggles to create effective waste management programs. To help address these growing problems, in 2019 the Renewing Michigan's Environment program was created to improve environmental cleanup, as well as waste management and recycling programs. 

The fiscal year 2020 Executive Budget recommends $69 million for the continuation of this program. This includes approximately $45 million for environmental cleanup and redevelopment, $9 million for waste management programs, and $15 million for recycling programs. This funding will help to clean up thousands of contaminated sites statewide and boost the state's recycling rate while reducing waste output.