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General Government

  • General government expenditures help to make sure we have the resources needed to operate the government and the funding to invest in broad statewide initiatives. From our elected officials to statewide IT infrastructure, these investments make sure that we are running smoothly as a state. 

    In the General Government section, you will find investment information for appropriations to local governments, the legislature, executive office, information technology, as well as several other state agencies and offices that support government and the people of this state. 

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  • State Employees

State Employee Data

  • Thousands of public servants go to work every day for state departments across Michigan. Working in a variety of capacities, state employees help ensure that the state's laws and policies are being upheld and various programs are being administered.

    The number of state employees has trended downward for several years. The graph presented here shows the number of state employees from years 1996 through 2018. There were 46,920 state employees in 2018. 

    View excel data of state employee graph