• Financial Information Database

    Data submitted by school districts via the FID include information from districts' annual financial reports, balance sheets, revenues, district expenditures and school expenditures.

    Each district must also file the Special Education Transportation Expenditure Report (SE-4094). Data submitted include transportation expenditures for Section 52, Section 53a, and regular and vocational education pupils.

    The Special Education Actual Cost Report (SE-4096) must be filed by each district. Data submitted include support services expenditures for Section 52 and Section 53a pupils.

    FID, SE-4094 and SE-4096 data must comply with the Michigan Public School Accounting Manual Chart of Accounts.

    Budgetary Assumptions must be reported by districts who reported a general fund balance under five percent in one or both of the previous two fiscal years.

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    • FID Submission Status
    • Beginning with the 2016-17 school year:
      • All schools will be required to complete the SE-4096 in the FID application.
      • Financial data for dual enrollment will be reported in the FID.
        • Prior to 2016-17, these data were collected in the School Infrastructure Database application. 
        • These data will first be reported in the FID Fall 2017 collection.
    • See the CEPI Calendar Page for our master calendar of deadlines and collection dates.
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