For Institution of Higher Education (IHE) Users

  • Reporting Requirements

    IHEs are required to submit student-level data to CEPI in the MSDS per sections 388.1844 and 388.1819 of the State School Aid Act, using two collections:

    • IHE Request for UIC Collection
    • STARR Collection


  • MSDS IHE Request for UIC Collection

    The IHE Request for UIC collection in the MSDS allows IHEs to obtain or validate Unique Identification Codes (UICs) for their students. The 10-digit UIC is needed for CEPI to create a student-level P-20 education data connection.

    If a student's UIC is unknown, submit that student's record without a UIC (UIC field would be blank).

    To validate a student's UIC, submit that student's record with a UIC. Validating a student's UIC ensures that the correct UIC has been assigned to that student's record.

  • MSDS Student Transcript and Academic Record Repository (STARR) Collection

    All community colleges and public universities are required to submit each student's academic record to CEPI through the STARR collection. Academic record data include information pertaining to awards, programs, and courses a student has received and/or taken at a community college or university. STARR data are used for reports published on MI School Data. Refer to the STARR Data Changes document for changes to the current reporting year.

    STARR Collection Submission Dates: July 30, 2018 to October 15, 2018

  • Section 209(5) and Section 245(6) of the State School Aid Act of 1979

    In 2014, Legislation was inserted into The State Aid Act pertaining to “career and technical education or a tech prep articulated program of study” at a community college or university by outlining how students can earn credit and the unique institutional resources which must be made available to those attending students.

    By November 15, of each year, IHEs are required by state law to:

    • Complete a survey spreadsheet containing the Budget and Performance Transparency Badge (CEPI will send this electronically each year)
    • Submit the spreadsheet to CEPI by emailing it to
      • Return Email Subject Line: Reporting Requirements for “School Name” Sec. 209(5) or Sec 245(6)
    • Post the spreadsheet on its website under its college Budget and Performance Transparency Badge link.