CEPI Help and Support

Helpful Hints

The CEPI website offers numerous resources to aid in the use of our applications. In order to provide additional support for our users, we occasionally feature documents in CEPI Announcements that offer detailed instructions for common processes in our applications. We welcome suggestions of other topics to include. Please submit any suggestions using Survey Monkey.

What does CEPI do with the data it collects?

All data collected by CEPI are required by state and/or federal statutes. Some of the many ways our data are used include:

  • Calculating per-student funding for schools
  • Helping schools identify students who qualify for free lunch
  • Tracking teacher credentials aligned with course placements
  • Calculating graduation and dropout rates
  • Providing useful reports and metrics to the schools and taxpayers of Michigan through MI School Data

The Michigan Department of Education also uses the data extensively for state and federal program monitoring. For a full breakdown of how CEPI uses the data, please see our Data Use Matrices.

What do I have to report to CEPI?

When are the deadlines to report?

Please see our Calendar web page for application dates and deadlines.

Where can I reset my password or update my account information?

Please see our Account Maintenance web page if you've forgotten your CEPI application logon ID or password, or need to update your account information.

Application Login and Security Forms

For application login pages, please go to the CEPI home page and click on the appropriate application button at the bottom of the page.

Security forms are available on the Application Security Forms web page.

I Still Need Assistance

If you can't find the answer to your question on our website, please contact our customer support team at cepi@michigan.gov. Email allows us to better research and respond to your questions, but if email is not an option, you can call us at 517-335-0505 x3.