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Authorized user. If you are an authorized user of any of CEPI's data collection applications (E-TRANSCRIPT, FID, MSDS, REP, SID or STARR) with a secure login, you will automatically receive official notices from CEPI and don't need to sign up for our GovDelivery mailing lists.

NOT an authorized user. If you are NOT an authorized user but want to receive official notices, subscribe to our GovDelivery mailing lists. (Use the same GovDelivery link if you're already a subscriber and want to change your preferences or user profile.)

MSDS and REP discussion groups. Macomb ISD hosts email user discussion group for the MSDS or REP applications. Anyone who was subscribed to the old CEPI-MSDS and CEPI-REP listservs as of December 13, 2013 was automatically subscribed to the new groups. To join the MSDS or REP group, send an email

MESSAGE BODY: Subscribe MSDS Your Full Name; or Subscribe REP Your Full Name

Use the email addresses below to send a message to the respective discussion groups:

To leave the MSDS or REP discussion group, send an email

MESSAGE BODY: unsubscribe MSDS, or unsubscribe REP

If you have questions or need assistance with the MSDS or REP discussion groups, please contact Macomb ISD at