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  • WELCOME to Michigan Charitable Gaming!

    The Charitable Gaming Division of the Michigan Lottery licenses qualified non-profit organizations to hold fun gaming events as a means of raising funds for the good they do in their community. 

    The most common licensed gaming events are bingos and raffles.  Annual bingo licensees play at commercial bingo halls and some veteran and fraternal clubs around the state on a weekly basis.  Special bingo licensees are one-time event licenses, typically issued for a festival or fair.  Raffle licenses are one-time events that create quick revenue at a sporting event, festival, or other special occasion. Charity game tickets are fund-raising tickets that differ from raffle tickets.  They can be sold under any license except the small raffles where prizes are under $500.  They can also be sold year-round by veteran and fraternal clubs or under a special charity game license for a special occasion.


    Searching for a Bingo? 

    Use this search to find a weekly bingo game in your city or county. 


    Checking the Status of a License?

    This is a quick link to check on a raffle or special bingo license application.  If you are checking on any other license application, please contact us directly at 517-335-5780.


    Training Meetings and Videos Available!

    Training iconWe offer opportunities throughout the year and throughout Michigan to come learn more about raffles, bingo, and selling charity game tickets.  Find a training meeting near you.


    Video Icon Videos train annual charity game ticket licensees in all areas of accountability and recordkeeping.  You can find these training videos at the bottom of the Charity Game Tickets page.


    Navigating this Website

    Use the menu on the left to link to the license type for more information and a link to the application.  Be sure to check the sub-menu to the left after selecting the license category for even more information!

    If you have never before qualified, select the qualification icon in the left menu to determine the type of organization you have and identify the types of documents required to qualify.

    For any questions, please call us at 517-335-5780 or send an email to