A raffle is a game of chance where raffle tickets are sold, a winner(s) is determined by randomly drawing a ticket stub from a container, and a prize is awarded.

Most drawings require a license. If your organization would like to hold a raffle, a 50-50 drawing, or a drawing for a door prize, each of these events requires a raffle license.  

The Raffle Guide was designed to help you navigate the steps in applying for a raffle license, preparing for the event, and what to do after the event has happened.  Additional questions might be addressed in this list of Raffle FAQs. Once you have viewed the FAQs, feel free to contact our office with any additional questions at (517) 335-5780.

The Raffle Application can be printed off and mailed in along with the appropriate fee.  If your organization has never qualified for a license with Charitable Gaming, please also include the appropriate qualification documents based on your organization's lawful purpose.  

Note:  Please only use Internet Explorer as your browser when filling out the Raffle Application.  There are issues when using other browsers, we are working on the problem.