A game of chance in which prizes are awarded on the basis of bingo balls being randomly drawn from a receptacle that match a previously announced pattern on a player's bingo card.  Almost all bingos need to be licensed.

If you are not sure if the event you want to hold is a bingo, contact our office at (517) 335-5780 and we can answer your questions.

Large Bingo License - Also known as a weekly or annual bingo license, this license allows an organization to play bingo on the same day and time at the same location each week.  This license must be renewed annually; the license year is from March 1 through the last day of February.  An organization can have an unlimited number of large bingo licenses.  The license fee is $150.

Special Bingo License - This license allows an organization to play bingo for up to 7 consecutive days.  An organization can receive up to 4 special bingo licenses per calendar year.  The license fee is $25.

Linked Bingo - Organizations wishing to link their Michigan progressive jackpot bingo games together must follow the Michigan Progressive Jackpot Bingo Game (Manually Linked Bingo Game) directive.

Bingo Profitability Tool 

Each quarter the health of a bingo can be determined by the net profit or loss indicated on the financial statement. While charity game tickets have fixed expenses and prizes that ensure the licensee generates a profit, the individual bingo games do not have fixed expenses and prizes. This lack of structure opens the way for large bingo licensees to overpay in prizes and worker compensation to the point of losing money. To assist our licensees, the Charitable Gaming Division has provided a tool to allow you to analyze the profitability of your bingo event using an interactive Excel spreadsheet called the Bingo Profitability Tool.

If you have questions, need additional training, or would like more suggestions on how to change your game program using the results from your analysis, please contact your inspector.

Bingo-Hot Ball Game

A Hot Ball number is applied to any number of bingo games played during the same occasion-typically all regular games.  When a player bingos on a game associated with the Hot Ball number, if the last number called is the Hot Ball number and if that player has purchased the Hot Ball, then that player not only wins the bingo prize, they also win the Hot Ball prize.

Hot Ball Accountability Form - Form to complete manually.

Electronic Hot Ball Accountability Form - Form that calculates electronically.

Hot Ball Accountability and Variations