Rules, Regulations and Publications

Act 382

Act 382, also known as The Bingo Act, was originally passed in 1972 and has been amended several times since.  The Bingo Act allows nonprofit organizations to raise funds for their lawful purposes through the conduct of licensed bingo games, raffles, and the sale of charity game tickets.  It also allows for the licensing of bingo halls and suppliers.



The Bingo Act requires administrative rules for the implementation of all aspects of charitable gaming.  They are organized by subject, e.g., General, Gaming, Licensing, Bingo, etc.  Administrative rules provide additional definitions and guidance for the conduct of charitable gaming activities.



Directives are required by Charitable Gaming Rules to further clarify and provide additional guidance on specific gaming topics (e.g., Michigan Progressive Jackpot Bingo Games, Computer Assisted Recordkeeping, etc.).



In an effort to better serve our customers, the Charitable Gaming Division provides user guides for nonprofit groups to organize and conduct licensed gaming events.


Service Compensation Schedule

The Service Compensation Schedule was amended and became effective August 11, 2003.  This schedule allows the maximum amount listed to be paid to the chairperson, recordkeeper, the person preparing the financial statement, or other workers.  Please note the maximum amount is NOT mandatory - workers can be paid any amount up to the maximum.