In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Gov. Whitmer amended the Safe Start Order through Executive Order 2020-160.  Additionally, Executive Order 2020-161 provides the latest safeguards to protect Michigan workers from COVID-19. Here is a link to current executive orders.  Stay informed by regularly visiting and



Under Executive Order 2020-160, bingos held outside (including parking lot bingo) are allowed as long as they comply with the social distancing and mask requirements required by the CDC and defined in current executive orders. The prohibition of indoor bingo and limitations on outdoor bingo was clarified in a letter mailed to bingo licensees dated August 11, 2020. 

Weekly bingo licensees holding outdoor bingo on the same property during the same time as indicated on their license are not required to apply for an additional license.  Holding bingo at another outdoor location or time may be done under a special bingo license.  Additional questions regarding outdoor bingo can be directed to your inspector or call 517-335-5780.


To assist restaurants, bars, entertainment facilities, and all other businesses, the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Opportunity has developed the COVID-19 WORKPLACE SAFETY GUIDANCE site.



To cancel a raffle, notify our office in writing, contact all ticket purchasers, and provide a refund.  If you have presold tickets and the raffle drawing is postponed, notify our office in writing with a new date.  If you don’t know the new date, please state in your notification that you will contact us in writing when you have a new date.  Then contact all ticket purchasers to offer a refund or inform them that their ticket will still be valid for the new drawing.  If you plan to sell more tickets you’ll need to correct the drawing date on your tickets.



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Due to COVID-19, Charitable Gaming staff are working remotely.