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$1 Emerald Club

$1 Emerald Club

Each box contains:

600 tickets @ $1 per ticket
138 winners receive $450
1 out of 4.34 tickets is a winner

For every box sold:

Ticket sales $600
Prizes paid $450
Cost of box $60
Net profit $90


How to Play Emerald Club:

Each deal of Emerald Club contains 600 tickets and one seal card. The seal card has one tab concealing a hidden number. Twenty HOLD tickets numbered 100 through 2000 are randomly distributed throughout each box. Bearers of these tickets have a chance of winning $175.

  1. All tickets in the deal must be sold before the window on the seal card may be opened.
  2. Players with a HOLD ticket should retain that ticket until all tickets in the deal have been sold and the $175 winner has been determined.
  3. After all tickets in the deal have been sold, announce the serial number on the seal card, then open the window in full view of players and announce the revealed number.
  4. The player with the HOLD ticket that matches the hidden number on the seal card wins $175. Once the winner has been verified, remaining non-winner HOLD tickets for the serial number just played are no longer valid.
  5. Prizes for winning charity game tickets must be claimed within the time posted by the selling organization, not less than 14 days from the date the last ticket in that series was sold.
  6. If the winner has not been identified, an announcement is made that the unclaimed ticket holder has up to 14 days to claim their prize(s). For the next two weeks or until the prize has been claimed, the seal card must be posted at any consecutive bingo game. It must be a part of game records and available for review by players or representatives of the bureau.
  7. Whenever there is a player complaint involving a game, log the issue along with the names of players involved, attach winning ticket to flare card, and retain with game records in accordance with charity game ticket rule R 432.21618.

                                                                                                                                                              Rev 1/19