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$1 Beat the Odds

$1 Beat the Odds

Each box contains:

660 tickets @ $1 per ticket
113 winners receive $495
1 out of 5.84 tickets is a winner

For every box sold:

Ticket sales $660
Prizes paid $495
Cost of box $66
Net profit $99


How to Play:

Each deal of Beat the Odds contains 660 tickets and a seal card. Eighteen tickets, randomly distributed throughout each box, contain signup numbers. Holders of signup numbers have a chance of winning five prizes totaling $320.

The seal card has five rows of windows. The top row contains one window concealing a signup number. The next row contains one additional window concealing the signup number from the previous row plus one new signup number. The signup numbers in each row are randomly distributed.

Each row is associated with only ONE prize. Holders of tickets bearing signup numbers have a chance to win a prize from each row on the seal card.

All players that have a ticket with a signup number should retain that ticket until all tickets in the box have been sold and all prizes on the seal card have been awarded.

INSTRUCTIONS: Once all tickets in the box have been sold,

  1. Announce that the drawing for Beat the Odds will take place and identify the serial number.

  2. Open the top window ONLY and show it to players so that two or more players can see the hidden number. Announce the hidden signup number. (This player automatically wins $15.)

  3. The player with the winning number chooses ONLY ONE window from the next row for the worker to open. The winner of that row will choose which window to open in the NEXT ROW!

  4. Open ONLY the chosen window and show it to players so that two or more players can see the hidden number.

  5. Continue until one winner has been determined for each prize.

The chance of the winner of Row 1 being able to BEAT THE ODDS by choosing the window from each row containing his own signup number is only 1 out of 120. By doing so, that player would win $320.